Welcome to the Gaia Association, animation traditional Basque games

Ce projet est cofinancé par l'Union Européenne. L'Europe s'engage en Aquitaine avec le Fond Social Européen.

GAIA was founded 20 years ago and has been active in the cultural and sports world of Northern Basque country ever since. It's issued from Saint-Martin d'Arberoue village.

The association was initially created around mountain sports (absailing, walking, etc.) but now focuses on teaching, promoting, and developing traditional Basque games.

These games are part of Basque heritage. They attract the type of curious people who are eager to discover the history of a country and its inhabitants. By initiating people to the games and through demonstrating how to play them, GAIA is committed to sharing the wealth of its countries heritage. They share their knowledge with a variety of public, ranging from groups of young children at school and at day centres, to adults at team-building events organised by their companies.

GAIA has set itself the task of teaching people how to play these games while explaining their history, either in French or in Basque. Taught either by fully qualified physical education teachers or by national champions in the sports, the events are consitintley of outstanding quality.

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